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Heart at Half-Mast: Discombobulated Reflections on Sandy Hook Tragedy

I’ll be going about my day, buying groceries or talking to a friend, and then that unmistakable pull from my chest sinks down into my guts. That guilt. That wave of nauseous disgust. It’s the way you feel when someone … Continue reading

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Christmas at the Cancer Ward and Why A Little Perspective Goes a Long Way

It has been a tough week. I banged up my car, missed two days of work, screwed up my back, and had to drop five hundred smackaroos (that I don’t have to spare) for damages during the worst time of … Continue reading

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Are you there, Ouiser? It’s me, Lauren: Birthdays Are The Worst-Days

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Yesterday was my mother’s 60th birthday. A milestone year. I have these vague recollections of being twelve or thirteen or so and doing the math in my head of how old I’d be and what my life would look like … Continue reading

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My Five Year Plan Can Go Fuck Itself and Why Sometimes You Just Need To Buy A Christmas Tree

I come home from a concert tonight, proud of myself for having made it through its entirety without needing to be the teensiest bit drunk or carrying around the belief that the night is unsuccessful because I did not make … Continue reading

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Broke and Unfabulous: Why My Empty Wallet is Making Me Regret My Education

      I am broke. No, not Hannah Horvath from HBO’s hit series “Girls” broke–with well-off parents attempting to teach their spoiled daughter the ins and outs of fiscal responsibility—but broke broke. Like maybe you’ll have to forgo dinner this week … Continue reading

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And so it was decided, the Blog was the logical next step…

I spend a lot of time thinking about how to most successfully channel much of the conglomerate bullshit that inhabits my mind and then, succinctly, upon waking, this word-vomit turns into half-forgotten mush–turkey leftovers with freezer burn and half-eaten green … Continue reading

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