And so it was decided, the Blog was the logical next step…

I spend a lot of time thinking about how to most successfully channel much of the conglomerate bullshit that inhabits my mind and then, succinctly, upon waking, this word-vomit turns into half-forgotten mush–turkey leftovers with freezer burn and half-eaten green bean casserole with a lardy film on the top.

In order to exacerbate many of these nighttime observational goblins, I have been using my facebook account ( as a means to most effectively rid myself of these thoughts. And while I feel this has been a useful forum for my emotional bulimia, a good lot of my ‘followers’ continuously repeat the one irksome phrase I have known for many years now I would eventually fall privy to: “Get a damn blog!”

And so here I am, utterly fallen and depraved, writing my thoughts away into the absurdist stratosphere that is the internet intent on the hope that someone will read my words and find solace. Will it be you, dear wordpress follower? WILL IT BE YOU?

Travel safely. Use protection. Here’s your parachute. It’s gonna be a looooooooong fall friend.



(more biographical information to come when I’m not feeling quite so aware of myself.)

Darlene gets it.

Darlene gets it.

About Lauren Ledoux

Until my life turns into the neurotic sitcom that it’s meant to become, I’ll be over here, covered in dogs, while supplementing my delusions with bottom shelf-whiskey, RnB dance parties, and a lot of Netflix movies "featuring a strong female lead."
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