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Until my life turns into the Beyonce single that it’s meant to become, I’ll be over here, cuddling my pup and supplementing my delusions with bottom shelf-whiskey, RnB dance parties, and a lot of Netflix movies ‘featuring a strong female lead’.

When You Tell Yourself it Wasn’t Real

How do you just start talking about something that you’ve hidden behind for almost your entire life? How can you just begin a story that you know will hurt people who read it? Or inspire some sort of pity when … Continue reading

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Peace on Earth, Don’t Kill All Men: Surviving the Holidays as a Holly Jolly Asshole in a Sea of Humbugging Haters

I don’t know why, but it always seems like the words come to me in the wintertime. Specifically, around the holidays, when I am in that unholy pocket between nostalgic melancholy and overwhelming dread for the future–sprinkled with a little … Continue reading

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On Nesting, Turning 30, and Still Feeling Like a Stunted Adolescent

I get a call from a client who I’m seeing today for her first session. She knows me. When I was a caseworker, we spent some time together. We were both really depressed at the time, but given the nature … Continue reading

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Crying and Masturbating: Getting Cozy With Depression and Living Without Meds

For going on about 5 years now, I have dabbled in the use of anti-depressants to keep me in a sort of grounded mode of consciousness where the goal is getting things done in a way that doesn’t result in me curled … Continue reading

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Not an Only Child: Giving in to the Grief that is Emily

I was on the phone with my mom a few days ago; just catching up about the basics. I had mentioned that I was meeting a new friend for lunch and that I was looking forward to it. She asked … Continue reading

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I JUST WANT TO BE LOVED, IS THAT SO WRONG?! The downward spiraling of a neurotic’s pursuit towards self-love

Here’s the snapshot: I am nearing my apartment, moments away from having a piss myself emergency, stack of mail in one hand, leash in the other, my very excitable dog pulling me down the street while attached to that leash. … Continue reading

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Self-Awareness, You Are Shitting on my Social Work Parade

I am sitting in the basement of the John Crerar library, an hour and a half before my shift starts.  The basement is my favorite part of this building, claustrophobically cramped and overflowing with books just waiting to turn into … Continue reading

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