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When You Tell Yourself it Wasn’t Real

How do you just start talking about something that you’ve hidden behind for almost your entire life? How can you just begin a story that you know will hurt people who read it? Or inspire some sort of pity when … Continue reading

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Peace on Earth, Don’t Kill All Men: Surviving the Holidays as a Holly Jolly Asshole in a Sea of Humbugging Haters

I don’t know why, but it always seems like the words come to me in the wintertime. Specifically, around the holidays, when I am in that unholy pocket between nostalgic melancholy and overwhelming dread for the future–sprinkled with a little … Continue reading

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On Nesting, Turning 30, and Still Feeling Like a Stunted Adolescent

I get a call from a client who I’m seeing today for her first session. She knows me. When I was a caseworker, we spent some time together. We were both really depressed at the time, but given the nature … Continue reading

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Crying and Masturbating: Getting Cozy With Depression and Living Without Meds

For going on about 5 years now, I have dabbled in the use of anti-depressants to keep me in a sort of grounded mode of consciousness where the goal is getting things done in a way that doesn’t result in me curled … Continue reading

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Not an Only Child: Giving in to the Grief that is Emily

I was on the phone with my mom a few days ago; just catching up about the basics. I had mentioned that I was meeting a new friend for lunch and that I was looking forward to it. She asked … Continue reading

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I JUST WANT TO BE LOVED, IS THAT SO WRONG?! The downward spiraling of a neurotic’s pursuit towards self-love

Here’s the snapshot: I am nearing my apartment, moments away from having a piss myself emergency, stack of mail in one hand, leash in the other, my very excitable dog pulling me down the street while attached to that leash. … Continue reading

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Self-Awareness, You Are Shitting on my Social Work Parade

I am sitting in the basement of the John Crerar library, an hour and a half before my shift starts.  The basement is my favorite part of this building, claustrophobically cramped and overflowing with books just waiting to turn into … Continue reading

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